Fungal Nail Treatment

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Do you suffer from fungal nails? Laser therapy may help you.

What is Fungal Nail Treatment?


Fungal nails (onychomycosis) can be annoying and are difficult to treat. Fungal nails with laser therapy can be very effective. The GentleMax Pro-U laser treats the nail from the inside out. The laser generates heat under the nail and inside the fungus, destroying unwanted microorganisms. The nail is stimulated to grow healthy again.


How should I prepare for the Fungal Nail Treatment?


Hygiene is extremely important when you start treating fungal or chalky nails. This is because a fungal nail is very contagious, and therefore following the hygiene measures is essential.


Before treatment, it is essential to take the following measures


  • Prepare the nails at a pedicure by filling the top of the nails
  • Starting with antifungal cream on the feet (2 times a day)
  • Start using antifungal powder in the shoes (once a week)
  • Wash all socks/tights/masks at 60 degrees
  • Wash bed linen at 60 degrees
  • Throw away old nail polish
  • Boil nail scissors and nail clippers/purchase new ones


How does the treatment work?


During treatment, multiple pulses are given with the laser. In this way, the nail bed is heated, which destroys the unwanted microorganisms. You may feel a slight heat and pain sensation. The effect of the treatment is usually not immediately visible because it takes nine months for a new nail to grow. The nails will start to grow out during the treatment process, and more and more of a healthy nail will be visible.




Even after treatment, good hygiene is essential to achieve the desired results. Take the following measures after and between treatments:


  • Starting antifungal cream on the feet (2 times a day)
  • Start antifungal powder in the shoes (once a week)
  • After treatment, wear clean socks (washed at 60 degrees)
  • Change the bed after the treatment
  • Dry your feet thoroughly
  • Walk on slippers in public areas/showers



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2 fungus nails 65
3 fungus nails 80
4 fungus nails 85
5 fungus nails 90
10 fungus nails 180