During the intake the skin therapist will ask you several questions about your skin, your general health, and the skin problem. During this conversation we try to gain insight into your skin goals and how we can treat it in the best possible way. To gain further insight into the deeper skin layers, it is possible to make a skin scan with the Meitu. This allows us to extensively map the skin and analyze certain skin problems such as skin texture, pigmentation, redness, fine lines. We make a separate appointment for this.

From the obtained information we draw up an outstanding and personal treatment plan. It is also possible to see which treatment is most suitable at that time. Your skin is unique and deserves a personal approach.

What happens to the payment if I decide not to take a treatment?


The intake costs 40 euros separately and can only be deducted with a treatment. If you decide not to, then these costs will not be returned.



The 40, – for the intake will be deducted from treatment.

Only intake 40