Alma Hybrid

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Alma Hybrid™ CO2 laser with 1570nm laser and IMPACT technique.

The Alma Hybrid™ is the first and only device of its kind to combine three powerful energies to address various skin issues that deliver unparalleled results with significantly reduced downtime. Alma Hybrid™ offers limitless options and ultimate control going far beyond standard fractional laser and allows our dermal clinicians to determine every aspect of the treatment – for a completely new, never-before-seen concept in skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. The treatment can be customized for your skin type, scar, stretch marks, skin renewal, wrinkles or any combination. Nothing is too much for this unique laser.

What is Alma Hybrid?


Designed for a wide range of ablative, non-ablative and thermal treatments, Alma Hybrid™ combines the power of three core energies, creating a uniquely synergistic effect.


  • CO2 laser (10.640nm) – the optimal blend of ablative, coagulative and thermal effects for efficient, highly-precise focus or fractional laser treatments. The infrared light from the CO2 laser is emitted in small particles and absorbed by the water in the skin. This causes the treated skin to evaporate, causing minor damage. These damages are necessary to generate wound healing. Wound healing is stimulated not only from depth but also from adjacent, healthy skin that has not been damaged. The particles of damaged skin are cleared away and replaced with new skin.
  • Erbium Glass laser (1570nm) – a powerful non-ablative modulated fiber laser which creates a thermal effect that promotes new dermis synthesis while leaving the epidermis intact.
  • IMPACT (Ultrasound) –this is a patented ultrasound technology, which overcomes the forces of intracellular fluid produced by the skin to deliver pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally through the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser, penetrating deep into the skin layers to achieve enhanced results.


The combination of the above techniques makes the treatment safe, precise and versatile. The Hybrid gives you the benefit of both the CO2 laser and the Erbium Glass laser in one applicator. This allows you to customize the ratio of skin rejuvenation to skin tightening. The treatment offers unlimited options and ultimate control that goes far beyond conventional lasers. This makes it the ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and scar treatment with significantly less recovery time compared to other lasers.


What can Alma Hybrid be used for?


The Hybrid provides skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and scar treatment with significantly less recovery time compared to other lasers.


  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores and skin texture
  • Striae
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars such as scars after liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction abdominoplasty
  • Lentigo solaris
  • Thickened keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Burns
  • Skin blemishes (benign warts, skin tags)


What to consider before treatment


  • Avoid sun and tanning beds for four weeks before treatment.
  • Stop using an exfoliant, retinol (vitamin A), hormone cream, and hydroquinone three to seven days before treatment.
  • Stop taking blood thinners seven days before treatment (consult with your doctor if this is possible).
  • If you suffer from an active cold sore, you should not be treated and should wait until the cold sore is completely healed.
  • Botox and/or filler treatments may be performed up to two weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid facial treatments two to four weeks before treatment, such as strong chemical peels, micro-needling and CO2 laser
  • In case of symptoms such as fever or flu, you will not be treated.
  • The treatment cannot be performed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


How does the treatment work?


Treatment with the Hybrid is preceded by a no-obligation intake interview. The practitioner will inform you about the treatment options, the expected effect, the benefits and the risks.

If your skin is suitable for treatment, a treatment plan will be established in consultation with you. Herein will be discussed how many treatments are estimated to be necessary, how you can best prepare your skin at home with medical products and how you can best protect your skin from sunlight.

Through the versatile, precise and safe feature: HyGridTM, the benefits of both the CO2 and 1570nm laser, are offered in one treatment. The intensity of the treatment can be programmed according to desire, condition and skin type. Every patient is unique, and thanks to this unique combination, your treatment is also completely personalized.


Possible skin reaction after treatment


Immediately after treatment, your skin will be red, swollen and feel warm. Over the next few days, small scabs will be visible in addition to the redness, and your skin will feel rough and tight. The scabs will heal after a few days. After about one to two weeks, the skin will have fully recovered. For three months after treatment, the skin should be well protected from sunlight with at least factor 50.

It is recommended to continue the use of medical products at home in order to continue the skin improvement, making the results even better over the months.

Post-treatment burning usually lasts a few hours, up to 24 hours. Painkillers can provide some relief from this, but some non-prescription painkillers, such as aspirin, can actually increase the risk of bleeding after the procedure. Therefore, talk to your skin therapist about any medications or supplements you take so she can advise you on whether you should continue to take them while you heal.

After the initial healing phase, your skin may remain pink for several weeks (sometimes even months). You can apply makeup to camouflage the redness, but often only after cell renewal has taken place. When you leave home, be especially careful about sun exposure. Your new skin will be very sensitive, so sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 is really a must.



Post-treatment recovery time may take several days for fractional (superficial) treatments with the Alma Hybrid and more than two weeks for fully ablative treatments.


  • To enhance the results of the Morpheus8 you can also purchase the AQ Recovery serum*.
  • For the first 24 hours after treatment, do not do anything to the skin, do not wash or apply cream unless otherwise advised.
  • For the first 48 hours you should avoid heat sources such as saunas, swimming pool and intense exercise.
  • You should not wear makeup for the first 48 hours after treatment. Medical makeup, such as Oxygenetix may be allowed if necessary.
  • Sleep on a clean pillowcase every other day.
  • Do not use scrubs and peels for the first two weeks after treatment.
  • For the first three to seven days, do not use intensive, exfoliating products with acids in them such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid and do not use retinol and hydroquinone.
  • You should not scratch/pull at the scabs and/or peels.
  • After treatment, it is important to care for the skin with a restorative cream, such as Alhydran, to promote the healing process and allow the skin to heal more beautifully. Alhydran can be applied two to three times daily and can be purchased at the clinic.
  • During the treatment process, it is important to avoid direct sunlight on the skin and tanning beds. It is essential to use daily sun protection with at least SPF50.


On average, 3-5 treatments are required, with intervals of six to eight weeks for optimal results.


AQ Recovery serum


AQ-recovery serum is a pharmaceutical-grade product with the highest concentration of natural human growth factors. Applying growth factors to the skin can stimulate skin cell renewal to achieve radiant and firm skin. AQ Recovery Serum is designed to stimulate collagen production and promote cell renewal.

Benefits of AQ Recovery Serum:

  • Faster healing after treatment with Alma Hybrid laser, Tixel® and Morpheus8
  • Better results after a skin rejuvenation treatment
  • Increased production of collagen and elastin
  • Improvement in the process of skin renewal
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles



Prices include Alhydran 30ml.

Whole face 620
Cheeks 420
Neck 420
Whole face + Neck 820
Area around the mouth 350
1-5 small scarring Excl. Alhydran + 25,- extra per scar From 125
5-10 small scarring Excl. Alhydran + 25,- extra per scar From 125
10 en erboven Excl. Alhydran 350
Scar breast augmentation/lifting 350
Scar breast reduction 280
Scar tummy tuck 300
AQ Skin Solutions Recovery Serum 270
Kenacort From 80



Whole face 3 treatments 1.600
Cheeks 3 treatments 1.000
Scar breast augmentation/lifting 3 treatments 800
Scar tummy tuck 3 treatments 700